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Enterprise IT Enablement

Technology is transforming every industry

The winners are clearly the ones that are building strategies and capabilities to match these huge challenges and opportunities.
This doesn’t mean that all companies should become technology centric or transform themselves into IT powerhouses.
However, the new paradigm, simply put, is that information has become, more than ever, a strategic matter. And this is not going decrease any time soon.

Virtually no company nowadays, from very small to very large, can still develop, remain competitive and profitable, without the support of an adequate IT.
When thinking about the “IT backbone” of your business, a few guidelines should form the red thread towards success.

  1. Bear in mind that “must have” functions are a must and do not make you different.
  2. Evaluate honestly the economic value of strategically differentiating capabilities.
  3. Consider the choice between 80% of budget for the core functions and 80% of budget for differentiating functions
  4. Go for a solution that will be capable of being the backbone of your IT strategy, both technically (integration of information) and functionally (integration of processes)
  5. Assess the need of considering OnDemand (or SaaS) to cope with the dynamics of IT support demand fluctuations
  6. Avoid “locked-in” (dependency) situations from the vendors, the integrators or the OnDemand/Saas providers.
  7. Prevent “tunnel effects” (long, everlasting implementation projects) by selecting a solution that allows for a truly agile approach (technically and functionally)
  8. Last but not least. Remember information is strategic. We are in the information age

aXialyze is helping clients to succeed with the definition or review of their IT strategy, the implementation of their IT backbone (sometimes still called ERP) or design and integration of high value-added point solutions.

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